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GoToPCs supplies a repair service for carriage PA receivers and transmitters. Mk1 and Mk3 types are pretty much guaranteed to be fixable, Mk2 sets with the digital zoning stuff is a bit more unpredictable. Always willing to give it a try though! Email your requirements for a quotation.

The items below were made to order but currently production is suspended. Please contact Don on don(at) gotopcs(dot)net [spam suppressor] for further details and to send any other queries you may have.

The Slow Speed Charger is designed as an add-on for coaches fitted with W or WA type dynamos and "fools" the dynamo into thinking it is rotating twice as fast as it actually is. This allows the coach batteries to charge at preserved line running speed (less than 25mph). The unit (illustrated) is mounted inside the MD regulator housing and all the necessary wiring is contained inside the housing.

Slow Charger

The only external change required is to uprate the dynamo field fuse to No 3 instead of No 2, that is 6A to 10A. This is a precaution only - in theory, the field current is very unlikely to exceed 6A.
The chargers come with full fitting instructions and operational description leaflet. Unfortunately due to component changes necessitated by the RoHS directive, the price of these units has been changed to £50 each (UK only) excluding delivery and fitting (if required). Note that these units are quite heavy (circa 3kg), so postal delivery is an expensive option. You can order the charger via email on don(at)gotopcs(dot)net [spam suppressor]. Component procurement for these devices has become very difficult - "is it worth the trouble?" stage has been reached. Consequently these devices will only be supplied until current component stocks are exhausted (Dec 2007 - parts for 5 more).
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