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LNER A2 Pacifics

All the names, numbers and photos of class A2 LNER "Pacifics" (4-6-2 wheel arrangement) as designed by Raven, Thompson and Peppercorn. The numbers are those carried by the locomotives in the BR period. Only one of the original class of 44 was preserved - 60532 Blue Peter.
2400-2404 were Raven designs for the NER, 60500 was an A2/3 designed by Thompson. 60501-60506 were A2/2 Thompson rebuilds of Gresley P2's. 60507-60510 were Thompson A2/1's and 60511-60524 were Thompson A2/3's. 60525-60539 were Peppercorn A2's.

Loco list: