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Surplus spares for SALE

SRPS Carriage and Wagon Department Surplus SALE
All items are at Bo'ness and "buyer collects" is the preferred option.

ETH connectors and recepticles. We have an amount of ETH parts for connection between coaches. Plugs, sockets and interlocks. Make us an offer when seen.ETH lead ETH socket
Boilers for use in RBRs and RMBs and other catering vehicles. We have quite a large selection and are open to offers on parts when viewed.
Diffusers for fluorescent lamps mostly Mk1 variety. There are a few patterns for 2', 3' and 4' tubes. 4' diffuser
Buffer saddles for Mk1 buffers when not coupled by buckeye buffer saddle
Solid Brass Ashtrays from LMS vehicles, stamped "BR(M)". ashtray ashtray