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Rebuilding Gresley Buffet 644 - Chapter 6

644 at Falkirk

This is what 644 looked like when it first arrived at the SRPS site at Falkirk. It was painted in grey and blue in this black and white photo (courtesy WS Sellar).
The coach was numbered E9132

The drainpipes from the main lights to below the solebar had largely disintegrated. These were originally steel tubes which mated with a brass ferrule in the bottom of the window moulding, stretching down through holes in the framing to pass through holes in the frame just above the solebar to drain condensation from the window pane. The piping has been replaced using corrosion free polythene piping. This will make mating to the brass ferrules much easier. The new pipes were fitted in March 2003. This is around the same time that the south side of the coach was cleaned up with scrapers and sanders. The picture at the lower right shows Muir McDougall cleaning up the framing.



The inside of the kitchen has been panelled, the ceiling has been panelled and the corridor alongside the kitchen has had its ceiling panelled. This work was completed before the end of 2003. Some time previously it was decided to fit non-Gresley fluorescent lighting in the kitchen. These have now been put in place.

Kitchen panelling

The panelling for the ceiling at the vestibule end of the corridor has now been put up, albeit not permanently, as some piping still has to be fixed AFTER the external teak panelling has been secured in place. This panel took two whole days to cut to shape because of its 3-dimensional shape and the fact that its linear length is greater than the space into which it has to fit. The hinged access panels and the light fitting added to the construction time too. It takes so much longer when each panel has to be sealed on the reverse side then painted with a thick coat of Firecheck.

West end ceilings

East end ceilings

The ceiling panels at the East end of the coach have also been fixed in place. This photo was taken in January 2004 with 2 of the 3 panels in place. The centre panel was easy enough except that it had to be placed absolutely precisely to align with the recessed lamp fitting on the centre axis of the coach. The two side panels were nightmareish in that they were 3 dimensional (concave) in shape, and thus very difficult to get down once they were put up for scribing against the walls.

Some of the team spent some time recently extracting bits from this "half" coach - a Gresley TK which was located near Crawford. Extremely useful bits like top sliding lights and corridor doors were removed.
Photo courtesy Bob Clark.

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