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Rebuilding Gresley Buffet 644 - Chapter 30

Milk tank and optics

After re-making the upper shelf with large cut-outs to allow bottles through, the 6 optics were sourced and installed. Around the same time, the milk tank was installed. The milk tank requires a steam feed from the adjacent boiler to heat its contents, so suitable piping for this function was started.

Roof vents

After fettling (by Chris Smith) to avoid puncturing the loudspeakers installed above the vent apertures, Dave Simpson painted the roof vents white. The centre mouldings were then cut to length by Don and Alastair MacLean, then the vents were screwed into place. Apologies for the photo as it's rather difficult to photograph objects between bright ceiling lights!

painted buckeye

Alastair MacLean painted lots of the "below solebar" metalwork black. As well as the truss framing on the side of the coach, he painted the gas compartment covers and the coupling equipment including the buckeye coupleer shown in this photograph.

Jeavons Valve Gas gauge

Matt Miller has been busy working with the gas supply piping. As well as piping in the gas gauge (right), he plumbed in the Jeavons valve and gas supply to the boiler (left). Many thanks, Matt!

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