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Rebuilding Gresley Buffet 644 - Chapter 28

The carcases of some of the kitchen units were delivered in late August. Don then assembled these and fitted them against the partitions and the south side of the kitchen. As the outer (south) wall was curved, quite a lot of work was involved in getting the units to fit snugly against it. The plan was to fit the sink and drainer into the unit nearest the camera, and to fit the cooker to the left of the photo against the corridor parition.

Kitchen units

Angled unit

A non-standard unit was constructed by Don under the main switch panel. The switch panel itself had to be modified so that the hinged section would clear the top of the work surface.

Painted roof

After cleaning a great deal of muck off the roof (from railtour operations close by) the roof was bandaged along the rain strips and given another coat of intumescent paint. Very smart it looked too!

Electrical covers painted

Robin and Davey spent some "quality time" under 644 cleaning up some of the electrical equipment boxes which, as you can see from the photo above, were subsequently painted gloss black. The battery box doors were also scraped and painted black. Much smarter!

Mike makes the deflector plate

Mike Roberts made a deflector plate from some spare aluminium to shield the lighting inverter from the exhaust valve of the NW steam heating pipe. It was thought less than clever to have steam belching out all over the inverter for obvious reasons, however, the siting of the inverter was largely determined by the necessity to be close to the regulator box for voltage drop reasons. The deflector plate was made up as an "L" section with a flange along the top edge to allow it to be screwed up under the floorboards.

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