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Rebuilding Gresley Buffet 644 - Chapter 27

The lower part of the kitchen ceiling was covered in white laminate. This turned out to be slightly trickier than planned as it was not possible to remove the main water pipe from the underside of the overhead tank. A compromise was reached - the mechanism of the stop-cock was removed and then that allowed enough space to unscrew the body of the tap from the pipe leaving just the down pipe with a right-angle bend brazed on to it. The laminate had a hole cut in it to clear the pipe and this part had to be "hooked on" before the glued laminate could be offered up to the ceiling. Another annoyance was that the overhead tank still had a small amount of water in it which dripped slowly on to the workers below! Even after draining it for a week into a bucket, it persisted in annoying us. The edge moulding refused to conform to the slight curve of the ceiling so many cuts had to be made to the vertical part to allow it to conform to the correct shape.

The strange looking object made from plastic pipes and hardboard is a spatial mockup of the intended refridgerator to help with the planning of the kitchen layout and units.

Kitchen ceiling

Dave Hall removed all the internal window frames on the south side of the coach to allow access for Rexine application. At the same time, the wiring trunking on the south side was covered in again and he and Robin worked on re-instating the small piece of removable bulkhead near the switch panel. Wires were run inside the saloon up to where the ventilation fan near the boiler may be positioned. Robin and Dave also did sterling work removing redundant wiring from beneath the coach and tidying up and trunking required wiring. The control box was extended upwards by Don to box in the connection terminals in the ceiling space just above the cantrail. It is shown here unpainted.

George Craig has been doing sterling work on his knees painting the bogies, first with undercoat, then with black gloss as you can see below. Not an enviable job!

In the upper left part of the photo below you can see the replacement saddle holders in position but as yet unpainted the same colour as the solebar (early June 2010).

Painted bogies

Reg was wielding his paintbrush too. After scraping and brushing corrosion from the buffers and saddles, they were all painted this charming shade of black.

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