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Rebuilding Gresley Buffet 644 - Chapter 25

Kitchen wiring. The original fridge compressor was removed from its container beneath the solebar. The new (mains) fridge to be fitted had an integral compressor so the original was surplus to requirements. The compressor housing provided an excellent site for the inverters, charger and associated switchgear as the housing was reasonably weatherproof but adequately ventilated. Perfect! Even had a lamp socket and switch in it to aid maintenance. Dave Hall was the main force behind getting all the wiring in place, making the connections, threading through wires etc.

Electronics in compressor box Electronics in compressor box

Dave Simpson re-painted the compressor housing covers - there is one on the inside as well! As well as cleaning, priming, undercoating and glossing the covers, Dave hand painted the warning lettering in white.

Compressor housing cover

Chris Smith cleaned the axle box covers on the south side as well. Not a pleasant job, but hey, somebody's got to do it! Thankyou Chris.

axle box

Contractors applied vinyl to the walls of the kitchen as a wipeable surface to comply with catering regulations in March 2010.

Kitchen walls

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