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Rebuilding Gresley Buffet 644 - Chapter 2

Saloon panelling

The temporary mains fluorescent lighting in the saloon was removed to allow the north side trimmers to be evened up and the ceiling panels fitted. The coach is now using the 24v lighting which is kept charged by a sizable charger. The panels will be cut accurately to the centre line, then installed permanently after fire retardant paint has been applied to the ceiling void.

The saloon wall panels have also been "trial" installed. These will have to be removed to allow the fitting of the external teak panelling. Three replacement windows have been acquired but the top light framing is still sought.

Saloon panelling


We've had the passcomm castings rechromed. The passcomm chain runs along the north side only of the coach. This casting is the one opposite the end of the bar area. There is also passcomm access 2/3 of the way up the saloon (eastwards) and in the corridor past the kitchen above the external door opposite the kitchen door.

This is a picture of the corridor original teak panelling which we think will "come up a treat". The surface is currently contaminated with Evostick type glue used to attach the 50/60s Formica covering. Sacrilege or what?

Corridor panels

Rotten framing

And then there are the vestibules! This picture gives some idea of the state of the rotten framing. The external panelling has subsequently been (mostly) removed to reveal an even worse picture. It looks as if nearly all the framing will need replaced as all the horizontal members are completely rotted. Funnily enough, the teak outer cladding is in much better condition, but will be replaced anyway as it would not be possible to clean it up well enough to match the new external cladding of the rest of the coach.

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