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Renovating NB Invalid Saloon 461 - Chapter 7

After testing the system for a while it was discovered that although the inverter for the lights was rated at 300w it started complaining when more than about 100w of CFL lights were powered up. It must be the odd nature of the load combined with the "modified sine wave" output from the inverter. Don decided to purchase a larger inverter for 644 thus releasing the second 300w inverter for use in 461. This was duly fitted and all the lights now blaze beautifully with no complaints for the inverters.
The two consumer units were tidied up and the wiring trunking replaced where required making for a much tidier kitchen.

New trunking in kitchen

Jim O staining

The walls of the guard's compartment were sanded by Alan after filling of fixing holes from removed components such as the mains lighting and kitchen cabling. Jim Ormiston stained up the door and it now matches the rest of the corridor. Don fitted trim round the door opening on the inside to tidy it up. The original NB colour used in the compartment was "duck egg" blue so that was what it was decided to use for the re-paint. Two-tone - paler for the upper section, darker "below the waist".

After removal of the mains lighting in the east saloon various bits of patching were required to restore the trim to a reasonable state of health. The north side door was rehung after assembly of the newly stained interior parts. The south side door was then removed, stripped down and sanded by Chris prior to staining to match the north door.
The re-chromed ceiling bezels were received from our chroming contractor in Walsall and fitted to the light sockets. These, combined with the filament shaped CFL bulbs make a striking and very impressive combination.

Cleaned bolt

Various brass fittings for the exterior doors have been cleaned up and refitted. Some of these pieces were extremely dirty, hiding under many coats of varnish and dirt. but as you can see from the photograph (of the upper and lower bolts for the invalid half-door) with a bit of patience, fine sandpaper, steel wool and Brasso, they eventually came up a treat!

loo seat

Another bit of sanding and cleaning has renovated the loo seat and cover from a truly appaulling state to a very nice piece of woodwork! Nice one Chris!

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