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Renovating NB Invalid Saloon 461 - Chapter 4

The west end gangway fall plate which forms part of the floor through the gangway was very badly corroded so a new one was fabricated by Glyn Cuthbertson. Here the completed and painted plate can be seen fitted in place.

fall plate

One of the new oak doors has been hung temporarily at the west end of the corridor. This photo shows the door in place with the bottom infill panel test fitted. Both top and bottom infill panels have been manufactured using oak veneer plywood either side of a 6mm sheet of regular plywood making a total panel thickness of about 1/2". Mouldings to hold the panels in place had yet to be made when this photo was taken.

new door

A "21" mortice lock has been fitted to the door as well as a regular handle operated catch. At the other end of the corridor, the east saloon door had a mortice lock which the standard "21" key would not operate, so Don dismantled it and altered the tumblers so it would operate with a "21" key.

The west saloon door was removed and approximately 10mm removed from the bottom of the door. This is to allow the door to clear the threshold plate which will have to rise 8-10mm when the carpet is in place in the saloon.

Droplights always seems to come off badly after a life of abuse, and the droplight in this door was no exception. After scraping and sanding, this too was re-varnished prior to re-assembly.


While the door was removed the interior components were dismantled, scraped and sanded, then re-varnished before the door was re-assembled and re-hung. Since this photo was taken, the corridor door has received the same treatment, and the invalid (wider) door on the south side of the west saloon has also been renovated.

west saloon door

As you can see from the photo, the interior walls have received a further sanding to allow good key for the adhesive which will hold the covering in place. The ceiling internal vents were removed and the ceiling hand-sanded prior to re-painting. Any missing pieces of jointing trim were also replaced, filled and sanded down before painting.


The west gangway partition door was painted a dull grey when we started the renovation of 461. The door in this colour would clash with the colouring of the interior of the west saloon, so Dave Simpson has repainted the saloon side of the door and scumbled it to look like oak.

As you can probably see from this photo (taken in the east saloon), it is a huge improvement on the previous colour scheme.

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