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Renovating NB Invalid Saloon 461 - Chapter 14

Jim O and George worked in the corridor stripping off old varnish then staining and varnishing the oak panelling. The partition side of the corridor was attacked first. This included removal of the kitchen sliding door to allow two things: easier position to work on the door surfaces, and a clear area to work on the panels normally obscured by the door. The panel which used to be a frosted window at one time had been replaced by an oak panel by Don previously. The other side of the panel was also filled in to present a flat surface on the kitchen side of the partition. This area of wall would be behind the cooker and a flat surface would make the placing of stainless steel protection much easier.

The tank goes here

Before proceeding further with the kitchen, the overhead water tank was tested. It leaked in several places. After endless discussions about whether it could be repair in situ, we eventually decided it had to come down for repair. The biggest problem was the filling union which is screwed into the tank from above. It proved impossible to release the filler pipes from the union above the roof so eventually Don cut the pipes with a grinder. This allowed the union to be unscrewed, and, after the overflow was similarly removed, the tank and its angle iron frame were removed.

Lavatory ceiling hatch

The kitchen tank problem brought into focus the possibility of the lavatory tank also leaking. This was tested and a severe leak found in the main flush pipe just below the tank entry. To get the pipe out a hatch was cut in the ceiling. Don soldered up the pipe and it was put back and re-tested. Seemed OK, so that tank was not removed. Phew!
The photo shows the flush downpipe and the tank access hatch which was made by Don (prior to re-painting).

Repaired filler pipes

Having used a grinder to split the two filler pipes, the repair was always going to be difficult. However, Stuart managed to persuade Brian Williams from the Romney Hut to give us a hand and the photo above shows the result - two repaired filler pipes! These will have to be split again to allow re-installation of the kitchen tank when returned from repair. Note the "white" roof isn't quite so white any longer, bith there are more than just Brian's boot prints up there. Thankyou, Brian, for helping us out.

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