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Renovating NB Invalid Saloon 461 - Chapter 11

Refurbished toilet seat
After the WC furniture had been plumbed in the refurbished toilet seat was put back in place. It looked an awful lot better than when we started on the renovation!. A brass doorstop was also installed and "period" loo-roll holder and towel rail were being sourced.


Gangway door surround

Don manufactured a new oak door surround consisting of a sculpted top piece and two vertical plates for either side of the gangway door. This photo was taken before the surround was stained down to match the rest of the saloon. Also, note the crowded nature of the saloon - the remanufactured chairs for 644 were stored there during redecoration.

Backing plate

The light switch in both saloons controls whether one or three ceiling lights are on. The backing plates for both saloon switches were in poor condition so were replaced with brass ones. The one illustrated here is in the East saloon.

Vacant outside Engaged inside
A "period" toilet door lock was obtained and was fitted to the toilet door to replace the 1960's one. The "new" one looked far more appropriate than the alloy BR one.

The kitchen sliding door jam had a very unsightly padlock fitted to it while the coach was used as the Bufferstop Buffet. It was decided to try to repair the resulting mess to something closer to the original fluted wood. Firstly the damaged wood was cut out to a depth of about 1/2" then a new piece of oak was glued in place (left photo). After the glue had set, the new piece was planed and sanded down flush on both faces (centre photo). Finally, a router was used to start the grooves (no cutter the correct radius, of course) which were then adjusted to match the radius and width of the original flutes using a chisel and copious amounts of hand sanding. The final result is seen in the right hand photo.

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