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Renovation of NB Invalid Saloon 461 - Chapter 1

The serving hatch was boarded over by Alan, Robin and Bob. A fillet was screwed in to the original aperture framing, then a plywood board cut the size of the entire aperture was screwed to the framing from the saloon side to form a surface flush with the original surround. A similar piece of plywood was fixed on the kitchen side to complete the job. George painted the kitchen side in white to match the rest of the kitchen.
The counter used to extend out into the saloon area until Glyn removed it and finished it off with a piece of edging strip. This then allowed the invalid 2-part door in the south wall of the saloon to be used (potentially).

boarded hatch

Glyn grinding

Glyn (our "Mr Metalwork") removed the lower steel plate at the east end of the vehicle to reveal the extent of the rot. Several bits of the hardwood framing were rotted and Robin and Don replaced these with offcuts of teak glued in place with polyurethane glue. After smoothing off the repaired sections, the whole end area was generously doused with wood preservative to hopefully prevent further rotting.

East end rot before repair (two upper pictures) and after (two lower pictures).
rot more rot

rot repaired

rot repaired

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