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Class 303


During 2003 the society acquired one of the last remaining class 303 sets from Strathclyde (SPT) - the trains which used to be known as "The Blue Trains".  These are powered by overhead catenary electric supply and the sets consist of 2 driving trailers at either end with a power and pantograph car sandwiched in the middle.
During Autumn 2004 the Battery Driving Trailer was taken into the MMPD and the electrical and air systems recomissioned. In the fullness of time repairs were completed on all three vehicles making them suitable for use as hauled stock for diesel events.  At the "Father's Day" even on 19th june 2005 the set was coupled to 27001 and operated as a push-pull combination - the diesel was controlled from the cab of the 303 at the opposite end of the train. This combination has proved very popular when used on special occasions such as the Diesel Gala and the "Transport through the Ages" event. Photo DGC.