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Rebuilding LMS TOs 27407 and 27389 - Chapter 5

Autumn/Winter 2017

After a deal of filling and sanding, then masking off all the exposed varnished woodwork, Don C and Jim P painted the ceiling of 27389 with two coats of primer/undercoat followed by a coat of satin-finish white. Graham W then screwed the repainted ceiling vent covers back into place and helped with the removal of the polythene masking. A new volunteer, John Russell, made up two new plywood panels to replace damaged ones beneath the windows. These were subsequently stained to approximately match the original saloon panels.

27389 ceiling

Robbie Thomson, Stuart Sellar snr. and Jim Pairman set about rebuilding the toilets of 27389. Much of the wall panelling had to be stripped out then replaced with new plywood. Joints were covered by replacement mouldings which also had to be made anew. The two large vertical supports for the wash-hand basin were fitted in place and the basin and lavatory pan installed.

loo loo

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