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openBVE Routes

openBVE has arrived. You will find links to the updated Edinburgh-Aberdeen and Bo'ness branchline routes here. Upgrading will be a gradual process. First postings (August 2009) are simply openBVE compatible versions of my BVE4 routes with all the openBVE syntax errors removed.
Please do not link directly to the downloadable files from your site - please instead link to http://www.gotopcs.net

The updates of November 2009 include the new catenary wiring at Waverley and west of Haymarket and Laurencekirk station. Some animated objects and animated trains have been included as well - further refinement in this area is contemplated! All revised routes use the 2009 Scotrail or East Coast timings. Note: All main line routes require that you download Steve Green's BrSigs and Semaphore Sigs pack from the openBVE Download Extras webpage.
Your comments would be appreciated!   Email me with openBVE in the subject line please!

Please note that future updates will be made in openBVE v1.2.3 (or later) mode only

openBVE Downloads

The Bo'ness branch line.

The Class 47 model can be downloaded. This model has the 47 hauling quite a heavy train so it will seem a bit sluggish compared to the light engine which the rescue mission intends on the way up the line to Birkhill. Coming back down you are hauling a train, so it is a better simulation. Remember to read the instructions on what to do when on this run!

openBVE 1.2.3 Downloads

With the release of openBVE 1.2.3 the $Include directive was added. This should make maintenance and updating of routes very much easier. As a result I have embraced the directive big time!
The routes have been split up into numerous segments to make designing and updating bits of the route a lot easier. It means a lot of small downloads rather than a few big ones.
The scenery will be handled slightly differently. One big download to start, then a smaller one to update to the latest spec. When an update is issued, a small incremental download will be posted. At the same time the full scenery will be updated to the latest spec.

Remember the folder sub-structure for openBVE is the same as that for BVE4, so you have to put the downloaded material into the right places to get it to work! Note that the "railway" and "train" folders are at the same hierarchical level.

As an example, here is what the "HST_Aberdeen_Includes.csv" contains.
This may seem a bit complicated, but it will get much easier to update as the other routes are added.

To download all of the files required for the the various runs, click on the appropriate link below and unzip the contents to the railway\route\edinburgh folder.

You must not link directly to these files - link instead to http://www.gotopcs.net - thankyou.