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The Branchline Mk1 Coaches

The normal consist for the branchline train is 2 TSOs (4484 and 4422) and a Brake (9237).  The RMB 1866 is in the same Green and Cream livery and is used occasionally.  It is seen here immediately behind the locomotive in this shot taken in 2002 (photo DGC).  TSO 4422 has been modified at the east end for use by disabled passengers.  The end bay of seats has been removed and the door into the gangway widened.  The BSK 9237 is normally coupled to this vehicle and wheelchair access is then possible through the double doors in the luggage compartment.  A wheelchair ramp is kept on the Bo'ness station platform for this purpose.

>Branchline Set

The other vehicle on-site in the same livery is visible to the left of the photo.  This is FK 13228 which is used as the "headquarters" for the on-going Scotland Against Drugs project.  This project has injected a lot of effort into the renovation of the SRPS's fleet of wagons.

Slow chargers are fitted to 4422, 9237 and 1866.  4484 awaits its installation.  1866 was the testbed for the development of the slow charger system - this is the vehicle which had its WC dynamo changed to a WA dynamo during the lunchtime break in the regular timetable (45 mins).  Since the 2007 running season, the regular branchline brake 9237 has been sidelined (due to flange wear and bodywork corrosion problems?) and 21241, the ex-railtour BCK has been used instead.

Other Mk1 vehicles which see occasional branchline use are:

4529TSOBlood & CustardBR 1 bogies
35405BFKMaroonCommonwealth bogies
9237BSOGreen & creamCommonwealth
4422Disabled TSOGreen & creamCommonwealth
4844TSOGreen & creamCommonwealth
1866RMBGreen & creamCommonwealth
4215TSOMaroonBR 1 bogies
4832TSOBlood & custardCommonwealth
5028TSOBlood & custardCommonwealth